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Around The World In Eighty Missions: Introduction

By Jacques Tocatlian. This Book is not an autobiography. It is rather the product of an interaction between imagination, experience, fiction, reminiscence and fantasy. A cocktail mixed in the environment of Unesco – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – and tempered by a sprinkling of light humor.


Does Life Start At Sixty?

By Jacques Tocatlian. At my recent farewell party at the Unesco Headquarters, in Paris, the Assistant Director-General had said in his speech, “After thirty years of service, our friend Jacques Dupont is retiring. Lucky man ! He will be free at last. He will rest. He will rediscover the joys of life. He will do exactly what he always dreamt to do. Jacques Dupont will finally be his own master.”

My Mission With Maurice Chevalier

By Jacques Tocatlian. My Mission With Maurice Chevalier. Around The World In Eighty Missions. I was in New York on one of my missions to the United Nations to represent Unesco at a meeting. I had been to the UN on several occasions before. In fact, I had established, over the years, a fairly good […]

London With Spaghettini

By Jacques Tocatlian. London With Spaghettini. Around The World In Eighty Missions. I remember when I got off the plane I found Heathrow airport crowded. The sky was blue, but everyone had an umbrella. I guess, in England you just do not trust the weather forecast. As I was finding my way to the exit, […]

A Dress For Zeinab

By Jacques Tocatlian. A Dress For Zeinab. Around The World In Eighty Missions. The meeting in Morocco had been scheduled to last three days. It was a restricted, semi-formal consultation, at the invitation of the Government of Morocco, to help finalize an important project for international assistance on the theme of: ‘A national strategy for […]

The Borobudur File

By Jacques Tocatlian. The Borodudur File. Around The World In Eighty Missions. I distinctly remember it was June 1980. I had just turned forty-five and had been promoted Director of a large division. That Monday morning I was peacefully planning my week at my desk, hoping to catch up with the backlog, when my Secretary […]

Spiders, Véronique and other nuisance

By Jacques Tocatlian. Spiders, Véronique and other nuisance. Around The World In Eighty Missions. I opened my eyes. The room was dark. It was not my room. The street lights projected a ghostly silhouette onto the window. As I moved in my bed, the silhouette turned and spoke. I recognized Brigitte’s voice: “Are you alright, […]