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The Friendly Skies

2017: The year in pictures (and a few words)

By Paul Tocatlian. Let us remember everything that made 2017 a standout year. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ve assembled a photo mosaic that tries to capture the more meaningful events of the year.


Kauai, Hawaii by Helicopter

By Paul Tocatlian. It takes a bird’s eye view from a helicopter to see what the Hawaiian island of Kauai really looks like and witness the natural breathtaking beauty of the Garden Isle. Join us on our tour.

‘Like, Like’ Goes the Dynamite

By Jenna Tocatlian. Today’s teens really value what they see on social media. What a person posts offers a glimpse into the life they live, what they have, and inevitably their happiness. But sometimes the reality couldn’t be further from that.

Randal Pham

Dr. Randal Pham: Catalyst for Change

By Lesa Tocatlian. After much research on ophthalmologists it is because of Dr. Randal Pham’s detailed and well-appointed online resources that I am now well informed. I want to thank Dr. Randal Pham for sharing with the public all of the knowledge he has learned throughout his years of experience in ophthalmology.

Losing Nemo

By Jenna Tocatlian. The saying may go “a dog is a man’s best friend,” although I am in fact a girl, words could never sum up up how much I love my dog. My dog went by the name of Nemo. And just today I was forced to say the hardest goodbye I could have ever imagined.

Baby’s First Words

By Paul Tocatlian. When did your baby’s cooing turn into her first words? Did she say “Mama” or “Papa” much to your delight? I can’t remember how old Jenna was when she uttered her first words. But I clearly recall the memorable words and where we were at the time.

Yves Montand

The Sounds Of Music: A Walk Down Memory Lane

By Paul Tocatlian. My parents have always been music junkies. If someone wasn’t playing music, we were probably listening to it. Enjoy this collection of songs that are part of my childhood and adolescence.