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Mobile Middleware: Enabling Trusted and Contextual Mobile User Experiences

By Paul Tocatlian. Today’s mobile users assume that their apps are offline-capable. They assume that their mobile apps are more context aware. They trust that any information stored locally is safeguarded. Mobile middleware solutions provide a better and faster way to develop and deploy true enterprise-grade mobile apps that enable trusted and contextual user experiences. Find out why and how.

Embark on a seamless journey from Web applications to mobile apps

By Paul Tocatlian. Magnet Systems recently published an infographic illustrating the journey of an enterprise from the Web to mobile apps. Embarking on such journey isn’t necessarily a smooth ride, especially for companies trying to build TRUE enterprise-grade mobile apps from the ground up. The road is run-down with potholes on one end and under construction on the other. Nevertheless, it is an important journey that every enterprise is or will need to undertake.

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A Case For Enterprise Mobile Middleware

By Paul Tocatlian. As with every disruptive innovation that hit the enterprise in the last two decades, mobile technology is about to change the way enterprises engage with customers, transact with partners, and empower their employees. This time around, the transformation is occurring even more precipitously with mobile devices becoming the central computing hub for both our personal and professional lives.

Apple TV: It’s Time You Cut The Cord

By Paul Tocatlian. Do you watch television? Do you pay for channels you don’t watch? Are there too many commercial interruptions? Do you record shows so that you can watch them later? Is your Internet connection 5 mbps or greater? If you answered yes to all of the above, then it’s time you consider cutting the cord!


I have only made this blog title longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter

By Paul Tocatlian. First there was the 140-character limit Twitter imposed on Tweets. Now, there’s a six-second video limit on Vine. Is six seconds enough to say anything meaningful?

The Day I Discovered The Internet

By Paul Tocatlian. Earlier this year, I decided to go on an online fishing expedition to see if I could find any evidence of my first encounter with the Internet. Despite there being approximately one billion hosts on the Internet, I was able to find my first Usenet post.

Management by FEAR

By Paul Tocatlian. Over the years, I’ve refined my management style with an emphasis on organizational effectiveness in challenging situations often found in rapidly changing environments. I call it “Management by FEAR”. But it’s not what you’re thinking.